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8 Top Freelance Skills in 2021

People have been asking various questions related to the top freelance skills in 2021.

Since the pandemic, freelancing has seen a great boom.

Many people started looking for a source of income that will not end regardless of the pandemic.

Freelancing is a field that is never restricted to any single industry.

You could be a doctor and still freelance in your part-time.

The case is not restricted to doctors only, and it is the same for every industry.

This is one of the greatest benefits of freelancing.

But still, you need to think creatively in order to become successful as a freelancer.

Although there is always work related to different industries, that does not mean you should remain restricted to a single one.

If you want to succeed as a freelancer, you need to diversify your portfolio to a great extent.

Still, the question remains the same… in which field should we go if we are to diversify?

And what exactly are the best freelance skills?

In this post, I am going to discuss some of the most in-demand freelance skills in 2021.

But first, you need to learn the importance of freelancing in 2021 to take diversifying more seriously.

Importance of Freelancing in 2021 and Beyond

Soon after the pandemic came, it was completely clear to people that individuals who were into freelancing remain the best.

They were the ones who never cried for less work.

In fact, the freelance industry was the most in-demand one as most people were working from home.

Many people started considering hiring freelancers because of the less risk involved.

Although many people switched to freelancing, only a few of them succeeded due to huge saturation in the field.

However, that was not the case for everyone.

Those people who succeeded in choosing the top freelance skills had a great chance of succeeding, and most of them did as well!

But how do you exactly know about the right skill and field to select?

How would you know where the world is heading towards?

Obviously, proper market research and consultation would help.

So, let’s get started…

Top Freelance Skills in 2021

All the skills mentioned below are taken from some of the top-notch freelance marketplaces and have remained in demand for a significant time.

top freelance skills 2021

1. JavaScript, CSS, & HTML

Look, here’s a thing.

There is no end to the future of programming.

Websites will be created today and all the upcoming times in the future.

So, it is always better to master the basics of web development to become a pro at different CMS systems.

Web development is still one of the most in-demand jobs as far as freelance marketplaces are concerned.

JavaScript, CSS, and HTML have been on the list of most in-demand freelance skills on Upwork since 2015.

This shows the importance of programming.

It is exceptional that a particular skill is on the list of most in-demand skills for consecutive 6 years.

JavaScript has remained one of the top skills, particularly because of the reason that many brands and businesses have experimented a lot in their web development and are still doing.

It is one of the programming languages that always promote innovation, and due to which it has remained the top trend for a long period of time.


2. WordPress Design & Development

WordPress has been one of the most used CMS for a long period of time.

The reason is easy to use interface and a range of features that make it a great choice.

This makes WordPress another great and one of the top freelance skills in 2021.

With a lot of businesses switching to online after the pandemic, the easiest system they find to manage their business is WordPress.

Although it is easy to manage, it still requires quite a bit of experience to set up.

Now you can think of your worth if you master this one skill.

When you become a master of this particular CMS, you not only design and build websites but also get freelance clients and businesses who are looking to develop new themes and plugins.

You will be hired by a variety of business owners to help them with the development.

WordPress freelancers are capable of building themes, plugins, designing websites, online stores, web portals, and a lot more.

This increases their worth as a freelancer.

3. Writing

Freelance writing will never be an undervalued skill.

Although it is not a highly paid skill, there is still a lot of work available on freelance marketplaces.

You just need to be a good writer, and there’s no one stopping you from getting success as a freelancer.

Content is the king.

There are many websites, pages, blogs, online stores, online businesses, books, etc, available on the internet.

They all need to be updated regularly for better results.

Obviously, all the content will be updated by a writer.

However, writing is not restricted to a single genre only.

There are many types of writing.

It mainly depends on you, which specific niche you choose.

The best paid freelance skill is Copywriting.

It is one of the top paid skills because it is meant to return the amount of the buyer.

The words written by the seller are meant to sell.

Due to this, it is one of the highly charged skill on different freelance marketplaces.

4. Business Management

Surprisingly, business management is also included in the list of top freelance skills in 2021.

The major reason is the switching of many businesses.

After the pandemic, many businesses switched to online or remote working, and this made them hire people who are meant to lead businesses in a better way.

Many companies seek people who were masters of business management.

The pandemic certainly opened new opportunities for people who were into business management but were not able to earn a lot.

As most of the work was done online, these freelancers were hired to manage the company’s tasks using different software.

Their duties also included assigning tasks, managing a team, enhancing productivity, and a lot more.

According to surveys conducted by freelance marketplaces, it was clear that business management is surely the hottest freelance skill in 2021.

5. Amazon Virtual Assistant

The industry blooming the most this year is e-commerce, for sure.

When the whole world was closed, it was these online stores that were delivering things to the people at home, with safety being the priority.

The owner of Amazon became the world’s richest man only because of the fact that Amazon went up and has a great future.

So, considering this, it was quite obvious that the freelancers who were masters of Amazon would bloom.

Many business owners started selling on Amazon, and this makes amazon one of the top freelance skills to master.

Amazon virtual assistants are less in numbers and are paid almost 50$ per hour on average.

Many pro-level freelancers charge a lot more than that, but if you are just starting, it would be best if you start with something around the average amount.

There are many courses available online that would really help if you’ve decided to master this skill.

You just need to enroll in any one of them and then master it to ask for the price of your choice.

6. Data Analytics

Data analytics may seem to be a complicated skill, but that’s not the case.

It is easy to learn and has a lot of demand in the market right now.

As most businesses are switching to different software for data tracking and record managing, it is quite obvious that the one with a large number of data will hire a data analytics expert.

This helps many freelancers win projects and earn a good and handsome income. ‘

Data analytics is a relatively highly paid freelance skill.

Freelancers who are pro at it are paid around 140-150$ per hour.

The prices vary depending on the software you desire to master.

Although it is an easy skill to master, you need to make sure you are innovative and creative.

You must have knowledge of other prompts that may be required to master data.

7. Artificial Intelligence

 Artificial intelligence is surely the future.

You may have realized that everything in this world now works on automation.

You just search for something, and you start seeing ads related to that search.

This is how powerful artificial intelligence is!

Though it is a growing field, it has some great future.

The world will be switched to automation in the coming time.

There will be fewer jobs done by humans and more by machinery.

Obviously, a person who knows how to operate them on automation will have true worth.

There are different languages used in this field as well.

However, Phyton is the most used one.

When you decide to go with AI, you not only leverage yourself working for high-end companies but also you will be able to write scripts for your own devices at home to make them run on automation.

This is how powerful AI is!

8. Editing

In the world of social media, you’ll find content creators everywhere.

At this time, it is great if you’re an editor.

It depends, what you choose.

Either you choose video editing or graphic design, you’ll have your own worth.

If you decided to become a graphic designer, you’d be covering a wide range of freelance work.

From logo design to creating UI/UX designs for a website, you’ll be a master at everything.

Although the field has a lot of saturation, you’ll be able to find work because of huge demand as well.

You may have heard about supply and demand!

Similarly, if you decide to become a video editor, you will have a wide range of content creators looking for work, and you’ll be able to earn a good handsome income.

It depends on you; how much you want to learn.

Video editing is a huge field and is never restricted to simple video editing only.

Individuals who decide to learn everything related to video editing may master animations as well.

Obviously, animations are a whole new world and are one of the highest-paid freelance skills in the world.

Where Can You Learn These Skills?

In these difficult times, no one would recommend to take admission to an institute and take physical classes.

You would be risking your life if you decided to take training in person.

But that does not mean you won’t be learning the skill.

Learning has never been easy, the way it is today.

You just need to follow some of the prerequisites, and you will be a master of that skill.

Although there are many online teaching platforms available online, I only recommend choosing any single one from them.

  1. Udemy
  2. Skill Share

Both these platforms charge a very small amount but teach the best.

Both the platforms work on the same principle.

Recorded videos are provided by the trainer with attached resources.

The prices are really low as compared to the quality they bring to the students.

You may also choose any course from a single person/mentor who is a master of that particular skill.

Taking one-on-one training really helps a lot.

If you can afford it, you should definitely choose any one-on-one training rather than choosing recorded video lectures.

In a Nut Shell

The 2019 pandemic has really changed the way people think.

People are more aware of building an extra source of income rather than relying on a single one.

There are many people who lost their jobs in this pandemic and switched to freelancing, and started earning a lot more than they were as full-time job holders.

But, deciding the top freelance skill is equally important.

Before spending a lot of time mastering a single skill, you need to do proper research about the market and your mind.

This will help you make a better decision.

Your future will be depending on the skill you choose.

The more useless skill you choose, the more struggle you have to do to earn more.

So, choose wisely!

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