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5 Best business books for freelancers To Start Earning Fast

Some of the best business books for freelancers can play a significant role in the growth of any freelance business.

Books are surely considered one of the essential tools for freelancers if they are willing to convert freelancing into a full-time business.

One of the nicest aspects of being a freelancer, in my opinion, is the variety of unique learning opportunities available to us.

Indeed, there is an abundance of career-related material circulating around.

Websites, podcasts, and whole communities are all examples.

Numerous books, maybe hundreds. Which is exactly what we’re going to do today.

I’ve developed a short selection of the greatest freelancing books that you should read (in my view)! Best of all, a good portion of them are authored by our fellow freelancers!

5 Best Business Books For Freelancers 

These books cover not just freelancing but also how to operate a company and what critical factors to consider, which should assist you with your freelancing business.

1. The Freelancer’s Bible

As the title implies, this is a comprehensive practical handbook for people interested in learning not just how to do labor, but also how to obtain employment, advertise themselves, establish rates, bargain, and pay taxes.

The Freelancer’s Bible, written by Sara Horowitz, Macarthur Genius Fellow and creator of the worldwide Freelancers Union and the Freelancers Insurance Company, is an invaluable resource for people new to freelancing as well as those who are currently independent but want to expand.

business book for freelancers


2. Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer 

When every other book on this list gently nudges you towards a job, this one smashes you in the face like a harsh mistress.

Nobody is as brutally honest as Liam Veitch of Freelance Lift when it comes to exposing nasty realities and severe reality checks about freelancing.

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Veitch discusses his experiences and several failures as a freelancer in his book, Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer, as well as how he climbed up, broke through, and eventually rose to the top of the profession.

As with the merciless mistress, this book will have you returning for its vital insights and lessons on surviving and succeeding in the profession.

Stop Thinking Like A Freelancer takes a no-nonsense approach to expose the dark underbelly of freelancing while also sparking your optimism by offering honest and effective solutions for overcoming the negative things.

For every freelancer who wants to be completely informed of all the downsides to their professional route and prepared to deal with them, this is a must-read.

business book for freelancers


3. The Freelancing BluePrint 

Tyler Ford delves deeply into the freelancing industry’s secrets in The Freelance Blueprint.

He argues in the book against the vicious loop of freelancers bidding against one another for $5/hour assignments and offers a strategy that the majority of high-earning freelancers seem to follow.

Tyler breaks down the freelancing blueprint into short, specific, and actionable steps that any freelancer can follow in 90 days or fewer to become a high-earning freelancer.

Additionally, the Freelance Blueprint encourages everyone to give freelancing a try, while providing compelling explanations and answers for why it is not nearly as difficult as it seems.

However, for people who already possess specific expertise, Ford delves further into the best ways to commercialize it.

With its broad but career-specific principles and “loopholes” to navigate the market, this all-encompassing blueprint for the sector has something to offer any freelancer at every skill level.

Therefore, if you’re wanting to advance your profession, you’d best have a plan with you!

business book for freelancers


4. Think & Grow Rich 

Listed three times out of seventeen occasions.

This book, first published in 1937, is the culmination of Napoleon Hill’s two-decade investigation.

His studies began when Andrew Carnegie (then the world’s wealthiest steel magnate) assigned him the task of establishing a Philosophy of Personal Achievement.

Hill, a struggling journalist, went out to interview over 500 successful individuals, including Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, Alexander Graham Bell, John D. Rockefeller, George Eastman, William Wrigley Jr., and Charles M. Schwab.

business book for freelancers


5. The Creative Truth 

The Creative Truth is proud to be a freelancer’s playbook for beginning, growing, and maintaining a lucrative design firm.

Brad’s mission is to educate creative freelancers and assist them in preparing for the next step by providing a road map to success. ​

This road map offers concrete data, genuine tools, and best practices to assist any freelancer in getting started as quickly as possible.

Along the process, I’ll provide practical suggestions such as the best methods for obtaining customers and developing networks.

They’re all rather straightforward subjects, but the book’s finest feature?

It includes a companion website with up-to-date materials, articles, tools, and debates, which enables freelancers to continue learning as they develop.

Yes, you read it correctly; this is a freelance book that has the ability to continue giving endlessly.

business book for freelancers



“Are business books beneficial for freelancers?”5 best online platforms for freelancers” may have occurred to you while you read the article.

So, what is the solution? While reading is never a waste of time, we are not all used to doing so, particularly in the modern day.

The issue is not whether business books are good for freelancers, but which books should a freelancer read in order to create more business and improve their performance at work.

One of the challenges of freelancing is that you must constantly educate yourself in order to develop.

And discovering books that will assist you in learning and improvement is critical.

This is why I believe that reading business books can be incredibly beneficial in guiding your future freelancing activities.

Freelancing is an art and to make it easy for you, Freelance Counsellor reviews some of the best books for freelancers.

You should definitely read them if you are willing to go big in freelancing and not are willing to convert it into a multi-million business.


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