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Best Buyer Request Description for Fiverr


Whilst writing one of the best buyer request descriptions for Fiverr always remember, bidding is an art, said to many of HR professionals.

Sending a cover letter is the most crucial step for getting a job or a project.

Many people don’t pay attention due to which they fail greatly.

You might be wondering many times I am sending proposals for many jobs and still gotten no response.

The only reason is you are not doing it in a proper manner.

People who are getting hired and getting projects are similar to us.

The only thing that discriminates against them from us is the way they bid for projects.

When we talk about Fiverr, right now it does not charge you to send a buyer request as other freelance marketplaces do.

But obviously, it has made a buyer request on Fiverr much more competitive.

Due to this only attractive buyer requests are winning the game.

You need to learn about some of the best buyer request descriptions for Fiverr.

In this article, we will look into some of the best Fiverr buyer request examples.

There are many Fiverr buyer who request cover letter samples available on the internet, but that is one of the biggest mistakes one can do.

You need to learn the art of bidding to win projects.

Proper counseling is necessary before you achieve something through buyer requests.

Did you know most of the clients don’t even have that much time to read essays?

They prefer a cover letter that is written short and precise.

You need to keep it short and simple.

Always try to add some of the work you did.

What is a Fiverr Buyer Request?

Buyer request is a method that is introduced by Fiverr recently that offers buyers to request freelancers for their projects.

It is a method that is followed by traditional freelance marketplaces.

One thing that discriminates Fiverr from other marketplaces is that Fiverr does not charge a penny to send a request.

Isn’t it great?

It means you can win projects without even paying to send a request.

Yes! It is quite simple to win projects and earn from them.

One of the negative points is that the requests are not available to every seller all the time.

There are times on which projects are requested to particular freelancers.

Image for Buyer Request from Fiverr

Source: Fiverr; My Personal Profile

What is Meant by Bidding/ Responding to Buyer Requests?

It is a way of telling the buyer that I can help you in this way.

It’s just like sending a resume for the job following a cover letter.

The profile of the seller acts as a resume and the description acts as a cover letter.

Like you hire a professional resume and cover letter maker to write one for you.

Similarly, you have to learn how to write a good cover letter and attractive buyer requests so that you get hired.

Key Points for a Pro Buyer Request:

Always remember that a buyer request description is the most important thing to get a project of Fiverr.

Most of the best descriptions include their portfolio.

For the best buyer request description on Fiverr, the portfolio is considered the best investment for the future of your career.

Some of the key features to write a good buyer request are:

  1. Keep it short
  2. Identify the problem of the client
  3. Restate how you will solve it
  4. Ask for a free mockup
  5. Include your portfolio
  6. Bid for moderate rates (lower than the budget of the client)

Keep the Description Short:

One of the main things is to keep the description short and thorough.

Don’t make it long.

As most of the clients are looking for solutions to their problems.

Many clients don’t pay attention to longer descriptions.

Some of them don’t even read them.

So, the initial and basic goal must be to keep it short and thorough.

Never try to Burdon the client with a lot of words.

Identify the Problem of the client:

The next important step is to identify the problem of the client.

Tell them that you have clearly identified the problem and how you are going to solve it.

Some of the mistakes that beginners do are that they write tons of words without even trying to know about the problem of the client.

All they do is write about their experience and the amount of work they have done for past clients.

Restate How You will solve it:

In order to write the best buyer request description for Fiverr, the next step is to tell the client how you will solve the problem.

Many of the clients instantly send messages to freelancers who have clearly stated how they will solve it.

Ask for a free mockup:

Always remember, the purpose of a cover letter is to sell yourself to the client.

You need to offer whatever it takes to let the client know your worth.

If you want to win a project you need to invest your time.

By asking for a free mockup, you tell the client that you are really interested in the work.

The client will be greatly inspired by the effort you are putting into the work.

Include your portfolio:

Business needs investments! Many successful business owners will tell you how much they have invested their time and money to be successful.

A portfolio shows professionalism.

If you want to achieve more as a freelancer you need to add all the projects that you have done to your portfolio.

Now that you have added your past projects to your portfolio, link the client to your portfolio.

Bid for Moderate rates:

Suppose you are looking for a freelancer to do your project.

What would you prefer?

Obviously, a person who has excellent professionalism and is offering the least rates for that particular service.

Now by low rates, I do not mean rates that are below par.

You must know the demand of skill and bid for rates accordingly.

Example of a buyer request:

To give you a more in-depth knowledge of how to write a description for a buyer requests on Fiverr.

I have decided to include one.

Image of Example from Fiverr

Source: Fiverr; My Personal Profile


All in all, you need to follow all the steps to write a good description for buyer requests on Fiverr.

Attractive buyer requests always have a converting potential.

The buyer request sample for Fiverr mentioned above was converted within five minutes although it was written by just using a mobile phone.

Now you know how the trick works.

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