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5 Best Gadgets for Freelancers-Tools That Every Freelancer Should Buy

Can you recall your old school days?

And that colorful pouch full of pencils, pens, and markers?

They were considered must-have tools back then.


If someday you forgot them at home, your productivity automatically dropped to half.

Today we introduce the best gadgets for freelancers, your essential tools now for freelancing.

We have covered all the vital gadgets freelancers should have, from cord organizers to wireless headphones to a portable tripod to a laptop bag. 

Our writing also includes some tips before choosing the gadgets.

Seems interesting?

Let’s begin with the reviews first and the tips afterward. 

Reviews of 5 Best Gadgets for Freelancers- Enhance Your Creativity

1. INCHOR Cord Organizer

Whether you are a graphic designer, a website developer, a content writer, or a digital marketer, you are constantly surrounded by cables.

USB cables, HDMI cables, Ethernet cables, audio cables, etc.

This jungle of cables makes it difficult to pull out the right one when required.

No more cable jungle now.

Our recommended cord organizer would help you prevent unnecessary bending and tangling of cables.

The package includes 1 Triple slot and one five-slot cable holder.

You can choose from pink, white and black colors.

Its solid adhesive pad adheres to any smooth surface like glass, wood, metal, plastic, and even walls.

You See No more unruly chords under your desk.

data cable | best gadget for freelancers



  • You can use it as a pen holder too.
  • Its adhesive feature makes it easy to install without hammer holes or screws.
  • This handy tool is worth spending money on.


  • You might need to wait for 24 hours after fixation for proper adhesion.

2. UBeesize Phone Tripod

Vloggers, Youtubers, Photographers, and Content creators, Behold and check this portable and adjustable camera and phone holder.

It’s wireless remote and vertical and landscape orientation support will free your hands.

Its adjustable handle allows it to hold your camera, mobile phone, and tablet.

Made up of durable plastic and rubber, its no-slip feet make its positioning easy on any type of surface.

The range of the wireless remote is 30 feet.

You can wrap it and take it along with you wherever you want.

The package includes a tripod, a phone clip, and a wireless remote. 

tripod stand | best gadget for freelancers



  • It is one of the best low-cost tripods available
  • It is an excellent portable tool for freelancers
  • The Bluetooth remote works both for Android and iPhone


  • Sometimes there may be problems with the range. 

3. Beats Wireless Headphones

Freelancers are supposed to work as per their comfort.

Sometimes at night and other times in the early morning.


What if you want to listen to music while working, or you work as a freelance audio/video editor?

It is always better to use headphones so that your housemates or roommates don’t get disturbed.

Why not check the beats solo3 wireless headphones once.

This wireless Bluetooth headset has up to 40 hours of battery life.

When the battery is low, charge it for 5 minutes and enjoy 3 hours of playback.

Adjustable comfort-cushioned ear cups and a built-in microphone would compel you to add this headset to your must-have gadgets collection. 

headphones | best gadget for freelancers



  • The ear cups are adjustable to customize as per your choice.
  • You can simultaneously connect it to multiple devices.
  • They work with any Bluetooth device.


  • The only con is that your mates may complain of you not listening to them because of its noise cancellation effect. 

4. S’well Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Are you wondering why this bottle got a place in our list of best gadgets for freelancers?

Well, because we care for you.

Your desk should have a filled water bottle so that you never get dehydrated.

Why this bottle particularly?

Because its triple-layered design will keep your drinks cold for 48 hours or hot for 24 hours.

The opening of the bottle is wide enough for an ice cube.

Your desk won’t get wet with its sweat because the copper layered container avoids conversation.

Its sleek and beautiful design would compel you to buy one.

Hand wash is recommended for its longer life. 

water bottles | best gadget for freelancers



  • It is easy to hold and durable.
  • The bottle is good enough to keep the beverages cold overnight.
  • There is no sour aftertaste.


  • Some users reported that the bottle is easily scratchable.  

5. Lenovo Laptop Shoulder Bag

What else in the checklist of the gadgets freelancers should have?

You guessed it right—a laptop bag.

Our suggested laptop bag is made up of water-resistant fabric to protect your expensive laptop.

Freelancers are always touchy about their laptops.

Lenovo laptop Bag is equally touchy for your dear one.

Its padded compartment fits the computer up to 15.6 inches wide.

There are multiple internal pockets for laptop accessories and an extra container to hold books.

The convenient strap helps to carry it comfortably on your shoulder.

The strap is adjustable to hang it on your shoulder or put across your back. 

laptop bag | best gadget for freelaners



  • You can remove the strap from the bag and hold it with convenient handles
  • There are multiple color options to satisfy your aesthetics. 
  • It is lightweight and easy to carry for traveling.


  • There is no locking feature.

Let’s look at some tips for buying the best gadgets for freelancers before jumping to conclusions.

Tips to Buy Gadgets for Freelancers

  • Consider the space of your workplace before choosing your buy. 
  • Buy the tool according to your work requirement.
  • Don’t purchase too expensive or too cheap tools. Just find the best value for money product.
  • Don’t go for a gadget that doesn’t give you comfort. After all, tools are meant to help you. 

The Bottom Line

Our list of best gadgets for freelancers is for every freelancer, be it a content writer, an editor, or a developer.

These gadgets will help you to progress in work and increase your productivity.

Just go through the reviews, buy them and take your freelancing to the next level!

At Freelance Counsellor, we create some of the best buying guides and freelance guides to help freelancers in the best way possible.

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