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Best Upwork Proposal Sample: 5 Better Proposals For More Jobs 

If you’re in the habit of not following Upwork proposal guidelines, then it’s time to shake things up! In this blog post, we’ll explore how to come up with a strong and compelling Upwork proposal so that you can be one step ahead of the competition.

We will also share some of the best Upwork proposal samples.

So, without further do, let’s get into the examples.

best upwork proposal sample


1. Best Upwork Proposal Sample Example#1


This job grabbed my attention  _____unique ideas and solutions, which are the basis of my work.

I was wondering _____you’d like to know a little more about me so I can help you out.

Kindly visit my portfolio at[URL] Though I am new to Upwork, my graphics services have been used by _____many companies in the past including big names like Microsoft and Apple.

I take great pride in the quality of my _____work–my clients are always beyond satisfied with what I deliver to them!

I believe we can work together very effectively to complete this job on time, and within budget.

Please let me know if you’d like me to create a proposal for you.

Many thanks,


2. Best Upwork Proposal Sample Example#2


I’m a skilled writer who has written over 100 articles in the past 6 months.

I can provide you with over 25 references, of which 20 are academic writers and five are professional writers.

My writing ability is honed to perfection, as most of my work involves writing research papers, literature reviews, and thesis papers (of which three were Masters Thesis).

I can deliver this project by tomorrow morning.

Please feel free to let me know if you have any questions.


[Your Name]

3. Best Upwork Proposal Sample Example#3

Hi there,

This is the design I am working on at the moment.

I already have a logo, but this is my concept for a new, cleaner and sleeker version of it with all the information listed in the box.

Image 3 : Enclosed is an image of what I am going to be using on my website (I also have a mockup, but will show that separately).

Please feel free to contact me.


4. Best Upwork Proposal Sample Example#4

Hello there,

How are you doing?

I’m a ghostwriter and editor because I’ve had a lot of experience working with academic papers, especially in the field of engineering.

So if you’d like to learn more about me and my service, please visit my Upwork profile:

What do you need to be written?

And when would be the best time for me to get back to you?

Best Regards,

Your Name

5. Best Upwork Proposal Sample Example#5

Got it.

I hope that is not a problem for you.

My hourly rate is $60 USD for now.

How about your budget for this project?

I would also be happy to do the job free of charge and just claim the project as completed/won in my portfolio – what do you think?

At any time, if you find my work satisfactory, please feel free to tip me via Upwork.

Best Regards,

Your Name

Upwork Proposal Writing Tips

Are you new to Upwork and not sure how to write a winning proposal?

Check out our tips below on how to craft a proposal that will get you more jobs!

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1. Start With A Personalized Message

When a client posts a job, they’re looking for someone who can help them solve a specific problem.

So, your proposal should show that you understand their needs and have the skills to address them.

To do this, start with a personalized message that includes an overview of your relevant experience and how you can help the client achieve their goals.

2. Keep It Short And Sweet

Your proposal should be easy to scan so that busy clients can quickly see if you’re a good fit for their job.

So, keep your proposal short and to the point – no more than three paragraphs.

3. Use Keywords

To make sure your proposal is easily found by clients searching for relevant freelancers, be sure to use keywords throughout your proposal that describe your skills and experience.

4. Include Samples Of Your Work

If you have relevant samples of your work, include them in your proposal to give clients an idea of what you can do.

Be sure to include sample files that are relevant to the job you’re applying for.

5. Try To Find the Client’s Name And Use It In Your Sample

Addressing with the client’s name is the best option to grab the client’s attention.

There will be increased chances of a response and eventually, a job win.


In conclusion, we have seen that using a well-thought-out and executed Upwork proposal can help you to win more jobs.

By taking the time to understand what your client is looking for and then tailoring your proposal accordingly, you can demonstrate that you are the best person for the job.

Additionally, using language that is clear and concise will help to ensure that your proposal is easy to read and understand.

Following these tips should help you to create better proposals that win you more work on Upwork.

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