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Freelance Counsellor

Guru of Freelancing in Pakistan


When we talk about freelancing, the guru of freelancing in Pakistan will always be Hisham Sarwar.

He is a legend of freelancing and has taught many individuals in Pakistan about freelancing.

You can learn freelancing with Hisham Sarwar through his YouTube channel or Blog.

His unique way of teaching and effective communication make him the best.

Hisham Sarwar has taught many young people around the country by his own channels and a free learning platform i-e Digi Skills.

By visiting his groups and different forums where people are discussing him, it is quite prominent that his teaching skills have brought wonders for many.

Guru of freelancing Hisham Sarwar

Credits: Digi Skills

About Hisham Sarwar (Guru of Freelancing)

Hisham Sarwar started his career with a full-time job in a US-based company.

But he soon realized his creative nature, and ability to think creatively.

He wanted freedom in his life, freedom to do anything he wanted without restricting to a 9 to 5 job. So, he decided to quit his job.

But before he quit his job he decided to work as a freelancer as a side income stream.

Once he got stable with his freelancing journey, he finally quit his job and started earning as a freelance graphic designer only in 2007.

At that time, he was selling his services on Upwork (Elance), freelancer, and guru. Soon he grew as an individual and earned millions by just freelancing.

He became a role model for many people after that.

Many people learned from him and started their journey as a freelancer.

Learn Freelancing with Hisham Sarwar

In the last 3 to 5 years, he stuck to his own domain and started teaching children under his channel.

He started a blog named “Being Guru”, not just that he also started teaching children through his YouTube channel.

Soon, his community grew well and he started a chain of teaching.

Only in his group, there are approximately 15 to 20 students posting their achievements.

This is something great!

Before Hisham Sarwar came into the market and initiated the concept of freelancing people hardly believed in freelancing and online earning.

In fact, he was one of the first who brought the concept of freelancing and enabled thousands to earn from home.

In 2020, during the Covid’19 pandemic, a huge increase in his followers was seen.

Maybe there is something great in his teaching that’s why people are more tilted towards him other than many other freelancers.

What I learned from Hisham Sarwar (My Guru)

Being a blogger and a freelancer, I learned a lot from Sir Hisham Sarwar.

I started my journey as a freelancer in January 2021 and did well since.

According to Sir Hisham Sarwar, effective communication is the basis of winning jobs, which I learned purely from him.

Moreover, I have started a blog just by following Sir Hisham Sarwar and his guidelines.

I have started an affiliate marketing site as well by watching one of his playlists on his YouTube channel.


In a nutshell, Hisham Sarwar is one of the legends who have contributed a lot to the community of people.

His teachings have brought many greats for people in Pakistan.

One of the greatest things about the legend is, he never shows any ego or attitude.

He is there to help to solve the queries of his students.

Moreover, his way of teaching inspires many newbies.

He can certainly be considered the guru of freelancing in Pakistan.

One of his greatest words:

“In my opinion, if you can monetize your passion, it is far better than a full-time job and working for someone”, said Hisham in an interview with ProPakistani.

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