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How Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

How Do Freelance Writers Get Paid?

Are you a freelance writer curious to know how freelance writers get paid?

Then you are on the right article.

As a freelance writer, you encounter many clients globally.

Unsurprisingly, not all clients follow the same payment methods and banking processes.

Here we are going to discuss how freelance writing works and how they get paid.

How Do Freelance Writers Get Paid? A Brief Guide.

Freelance writers get paid through various methods, including payment vouchers, barter systems, bank transfers, credit cards, etc.

You may have your preferred method, but since freelance writing is all about flexibility, your client may put forward their preferred method, and you have to accommodate that.

Let’s discuss each way in which freelance writers get paid in detail.

1. Conventional Checks

Paper checks are one of the methods freelance writers get paid through.

In the case of national clients, you may get a hardcopy check.

In contrast, international clients can send you an e-check.

You can deposit the check in your account by visiting the bank or nearby ATMs.

Online check deposit through your mobile phone is another seamless option freelance writers have.

Typically cashing the cheque process is easy.

However, you may face check bounce issues and require other details from clients, which eventually delays your payment.

2. Online Payments Via Different Apps

Freelance writers also get paid through different apps, which let them receive money from international clients.

Some online platforms freelance writers can use for global transactions are Paypal, Wise, Venmo, Payoneer, Square, Google Pay, and Stripe.

Before agreeing on any of these apps, check their availability in your country.

These platforms, though, offer easy money transfers; they deduct transaction and account opening fees.

These charges may burden you, especially if you are a beginner and have a limited amount in your account.

3. Bank Transfer

A freelance writer can also settle on bank transfers in which your client transfers the payment straight into your bank account as per the invoice.

Though it is an effortless transaction, it imposes a substantial financial burden and can charge anywhere from $30 to above in case of international transfer.

Nevertheless, freelance writers can get paid through bank transfers from their local clients, as domestic transfers don’t have any additional charges.

Hence you don’t have to go through the PayPal headaches.

4. Payments Via Credit And Debit Card

Credit and debit card transfer is another trouble-free method a freelance writer can get paid through.

The transaction is convenient and reliable.

But it takes a prolonged duration of 5 to 7 days.

Credit and debit cards don’t deduct any charges.

But you will need a credit card processor to get your cash which charges money.

Paypal is one of the freelance writers’ favorite credit card processors, which only imposes a small fee.

5. Barter With Your Client

Yes, many freelance writers choose barter as a payment.

They do so because they want their client’s products or services or when their client cannot pay them.

If you are going with the trade-out as a payment, be mindful of preparing a concise agreement on the terms and conditions, as there is a massive risk of scams.

What are Freelance Writing Payment Models?

Freelance writing is an intricate process that works by convincing your clients of your abilities and asking for good payback.

Before approaching the client, setting your freelance writing rate is a better idea.

A freelance writer can set their pay rate as per the competitive market value of their skills, expertise, client budget, research extent, and competitor writers.

Freelance writers typically get paid via the following payment models.
a. By word
b. By hour
c. By project
d. By page
e.Revenue sharing model

The 4 models written above are fixed rate models, whereas in the revenue sharing model, your income changes with the number of clicks on the website.

Do Freelance Writers Get Paid Well? A Reality Check.

Without any doubt, freelance writing is an excellent remote job that helps people earn a handsome income.

But the question is, do all freelance writers get paid well? You can’t answer this question as Yes or No.

The earning of a freelance writer is subjective.

Many factors influence the pay rate, including your experience, expertise, the market value of your niche, and, most importantly, your negotiation skills.

Remember, you can not lock the deal at $100 initially, but eventually, with time, you can.


To understand how freelance writing works, remember there should be no communication barrier between you and the clients.

While setting your freelance writing rate, Try to be flexible without being at the losing site to ensure a long-term and consistent gig.

It is a flexible earning source where writers portray their skills, get clients, work for them, and get paid via various methods, including checks, bank transfers, online payments, credit cards, and trade.

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