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Earnings of Pakistani Freelancers

If you are a Pakistani, and willing to start freelancing as your career, you might be searching for the earnings of Pakistani freelancers.

Pakistan is the 4th highest-paid freelancing country in the world.

They could increase their rank in terms of earnings if they will be higher in number in the future.

There are many opportunities available for an average freelancer.

There are a lot of freelancing websites that are available in Pakistan.

Many foreign clients also prefer Pakistani professionals due to the rates they offer.

On average, a Pakistani makes 35000 PKR per month.

But that is just an average, there are many top-level freelancers that are earning a lot more than that income.

Always remember, the more complicated the skill would be the more you have the potential to earn.

earnings of pakistani freelancers -freelance counsellor
Source: statista.com

Is Freelancing Legal in Pakistan?

The simple answer to this question is yes! If you are still wondering whether freelancing is legal or not, then you should be crystal clear that freelancing is completely legal.

There are many people earning a full-time income from freelancing.

The government has allowed freelancing in the country; in fact, they have created many payment methods to make freelancers comfortable.

How to earn more as a Freelancer in Pakistan?

If you have just started as a freelancer and started earning some income.

You might be thinking to increase your worth.

There are many methods you can follow to increase your income, and worth as a freelancer.

Let’s discuss all of them in detail.

Create an Agency

So, if you have been successful as an individual freelancer; the next thing to extend your reach is by creating an agency.

This is a great way to increase your earning.

The more people you hire under your agency the more work you will be taking.

You might be hiring people on a fixed budget or on a percentage basis.

In this way, you will be creating some extra income without working more.

Extend your Career

You always start your freelancing career on a single platform.

Most people are not aware of the fact that you should always look to extend your career as a freelancer.

If you want to grow well and do well, you should look to take projects from other freelance platforms as well.

It does not matter how much success you are getting from a single freelance platform you will never be successful if you don’t switch to other platforms at the same time as well.


In Pakistan, you have a high potential of earning a lot if you choose the right technique to grow well.

There are many highest-paid freelancers in Pakistan who easily make 2-5 lacs in a month.

Many have grown so well that they have made their own companies with the help of freelancing.

So, if you are planning to start as a freelancer and wondering about the potential of earning, believe me, or not it has a lot to earn.

But unfortunately, most of the earnings of Pakistani freelancers are not available online.

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