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How to Become a Fiverr Pro in 2023?

How to Become a Fiverr Pro in 2024? (Updated Guide)

To become a Fiverr Pro seller, you should be a master in your skill.

Fiverr looks for the very best.

It does not matter if you are a new seller or have been on Fiverr for a long time; you can still apply for Fiverr Pro.

But, before sending the application to Fiverr for a pro account, you must master the skill.

Fiver Pro

Categories Available for Pro Sellers

Fiver Pro is open for almost all categories. Some categories that sell well on a normal Fiverr seller account also sell well on a pro account.

Some categories you might look to apply for Fiverr Pro are described below.

  • Programming
  • Writing and Translation
  • Graphic Designing
  • Virtual Assistant
  • Digital Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • ATS Resume

What Are the Benefits of Fiverr Pro?

There are many benefits to becoming a Fiverr Pro.

Fiver always gives authority to its pro sellers.

Pro sellers always rank well on Fiverr.

The pricing of pro sellers is too high compared to a normal Fiverr seller.

The buyers that are attracted to pro sellers are always potential buyers.

They are looking for good quality work because most know that a person approved as a pro seller must have something great in him.

What Are the Expectations of Fiverr?

Fiverr expects good quality work from its pro sellers.

The screening process from Fiverr is quite difficult, and only sellers who are extremely good at their skills are approved.

It is a must for the sellers who got themselves approved to deliver good quality work.

Fiver always keeps an eye on pro sellers and looks at how they are performing.

What Should I Include in the Fiver Pro application?

When you are sure that you are the perfect pick for becoming a Fiverr Seller, then you should look to write a quality application.

You should try hard to get yourself approved as a Fiverr pro seller.

You should add all the work that you have done for clients.

It does not only mean you should include work you have done for Fiverr clients.

You should also include work you have done for clients outside of Fiverr.

A portfolio is a must-have if you want to apply for Fiverr Pro.

You should try to make your application as good as possible so that you may stand out among many others in your niche.

Once approved, you always have a good chance of earning more.

How Will Buyers Know That I Am a Pro Seller?

Buyers will know you are a pro seller by a watermark on your gig.

Moreover, there is a separate category for pro sellers.

The green tick on the gig also shows that you are certainly a pro seller.

Any Additional Charges For Pro Sellers?

There are no additional membership fees for pro sellers.

The amount Fiverr takes from normal sellers is also the same for pro sellers.

What is the Procedure for Apply For Fiverr Pro?

Applying for Fiverr Pro is for everyone, and everyone can avail of the opportunity.

Many of the professionals who are new to Fiverr still get themselves approved because of their potential.

You need to send an application to Fiverr for a pro account. If it is approved, you will be contacted for an interview.

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