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How to Create a Portfolio on Behance:


A portfolio is a must-have thing when it comes to getting clients and work.

Many people don’t invest a lot in having a portfolio website.

They look to create a free portfolio.

To create a portfolio on Behance you do not require any investment, or you don’t have to pay for hosting services.

You can still create a portfolio on Behance and get clients.

In this short guide we will have a quick look on how to create a good portfolio on Behance.

Steps to create a portfolio on Behance

  1. Sign up on Behance
  2. Set up your profile
  3. Set up work Experience and expertise
  4. Create a project

Visit the official website and sign up

The first step is to visit the official website of Behance and sign up for an account.

While you sign up for an account on Behance make sure to fill in all the details accurately and relevant.

You will need to fill in all your personal details, and you will also need to create a password as well.  

Source: Behance

Set up your Profile

The next step is to set up your profile according to your niche and try to be relevant.

Don’t try to be in every niche rather than sticking to a single one.

Add a good profile picture, a good banner image and a good short highlight and introduction of yourself.

Source: Behance; My Personal Profile

Set up Your Work Experiences and Expertise

Now, the next step is to set up all your work experiences and skills that are relevant to your niche.

Suppose if you are a content writer, you need to add all the skills that are relevant to the field of content writing, like blogs, ghostwriting, article writing, academic writing, and all the skills in which you are an expert.

Create a Portfolio

Now that you have set up your profile on Behance, the next step is to add a project that you have done previously.

Try to add categories to your projects and fill in all the details for the project that you have done.

Source: Behance; My Personal Profile


Creating a portfolio is necessary for freelancers and people who are looking to sell digital services.

Behance is one of the best sites that offer a free portfolio, having a skill is never enough you also need a portfolio.

You can also share the same portfolio as your own to get freelance projects.

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