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How to Create a Top ranked Gig on Fiverr

How to Create a Top ranked Gig on Fiverr


Fiverr is a freelance marketplace that is certainly different from other freelancing platforms.

Fiverr uses a gig formula.

Freelancers create a gig telling about the services and rates they will be offering.

Creating a top-ranked gig on Fiverr has always been a challenge for new sellers.

There are certain methods and techniques that new sellers are not aware of.

SEO is always a key for all search engines.

Whether it is Fiverr, youtube, google amazon, or any other thing SEO is the key for all.

For the sake of the article, we will be creating a gig for product review.

Methods of Creating a top-ranked gig:

There are certain methods and techniques to create a top-ranked gig on Fiverr.

In this article, we will be discussing in-depth all the methods.

If you don’t have an account you need to create one.

Some things that are important must be followed completely in order to do well and rank on top.

Always remember a good gig is one that always ranks on top for long-tail keywords.

For short-tail keywords, it is still on the first page.

  • Good keyword research
  • Writing the title and choosing the category
  • Competitor analysis
  • Good description
  • Keywords in requirements
  • Good thumbnail

Good Keyword Research:

The first and most important thing is keyword research.

You must always be targeting a keyword that has low competition.

The first step is to go to a keyword research tool that is completely free for Fiverr.

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Search for the keyword you want to create a gig, (product review).

You will get 100s of keywords.

You need to pick 5 to 6 of them and paste them on an Excel sheet.

Now go to Fiverr and find for services that each keyword is offering.

Pastedown all the services that each keyword is offering.

Now you are ready to go.

You have created a sheet that contains all the keywords and services offered for each keyword.

Now that keyword research is done you need to go and create a Gig.

Always target keyword that has around 5000 services.

You need to target one short-tail and one long-tail keyword.

In my case, I will be targeting two keywords.

  1. Write amazon product review (Long tail keyword)
  2. Write a product review (Short tail keyword)

I want to also add an additional service which is to create a video as well.

I will be adding that as well.

It depends on you what additional service you want to add or not.

Writing the title and choosing the category:

The next step is to write a good title.

Always remember to write a title that exactly matches the keywords that you are looking to target.

Never add any other word that you will not be targeting in your description and requirements.

Competitor analysis:

To create a top-ranked gig the next step is to look for freelancers that are ranking on the same keywords.

Once you find them check out their gigs in detail.

Things you need to check there are, their tags, rates, seller level, and the rates they are offering.

Writing the description:

The next step is to write a good description.

You need to target both of your keywords.

But, always remember not to do keyword stuffing because if you do so your gig would never be ranked.

Always try and keep the keyword density around 1-1.5%.

Using Keywords in the order requirement:

You need to use the synonyms of your keyword in the order requirements.

Good Thumbnail:

Creating a good thumbnail is always necessary if you want to attract your potential buyers.

A good thumbnail created has always a higher potential of attracting more and more customers.

To create a good thumbnail, you may visit a site called Canva.

It is a free site that will be enough to create an attractive thumbnail.


This is how you create a top-ranked gig on Fiverr.

Once you have followed all the steps you need to submit the gig.

Always remember to follow all the steps properly to create a good gig.

Because a gig that is created with proper research, always has a high potential to convert.

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