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How to Start Earning on Freelancer

There are different freelancing sites that offer value to their freelancers.

Freelancer is one of them.

You can make money on Freelancer.com as a freelancer.

It is a freelance platform that is preferred by many businesses.

The origin of the site is France but it operates in the whole world.

Freelancer specializes in many fields but freelancers who are experts in graphic design and web design earn some good income from Freelancer.

Freelancer official website
Source: Freelancer Homepage

In order to start your career as a freelancer, the steps are almost the same.

You need to learn a skill and have a portfolio.

The next thing is to create an account and start bidding.

When you get a job, you start earning money.

Let us look at the topic in detail.

Learn a Skill

One of the most important things before starting freelancing is to learn a skill, either on Freelancer or any other freelance platform.

Learning a skill completely depends on you.

It is important that you choose your skill wisely because there are many people selling their skills

Create a Portfolio

Having a good portfolio is the first and major step to winning projects on Freelancer.

If you will not be having some of the past work to show to your client you will not be getting good clients.

It is a lot better to invest in a personal portfolio than paying huge biding fees without any return of investment.

A good portfolio will show your personal presence on the internet.

Moreover, it will also develop trust among the two parties that is the buyer and the seller.

Create an account on Freelancer

In order to make money on Freelancer, you need to create an account first.

To create an account as a freelancer you need to visit the official website of Freelancer and fill out all the necessary details that are required to work as a freelancer.

When you have created an account, now you need to search for projects that you are interested in and start applying for jobs.

Win Contests

Another great way of earning money on Freelancer is to take part in different contests that are posted daily on Freelancer.

You must fulfill all the requirements of the owner of the contests; if you do you will be winning it and earning a good handsome amount of money.

This is a great way of making money on Freelancer because if you are new you won’t be awarded any projects.

Start Bidding

The next step is to start bidding for projects on freelancers.

You need to add all the relevant skills that you are interested in.

Always remember to add those skills in which you are completely an expert.

Now that you have created all the relevant job details, the next step is to learn the art of bidding.

You need to send a unique proposal for every job that is posted.

Never do copy-paste for every proposal.

Get Projects and Earn Money

Now that you have sent proposals for many jobs, you will be lucky enough to get one.

When you will complete the job, you will be paid.

Always try and deliver quality work.

The work you will be getting in the future depends mainly on the number of good reviews your profile has.


Freelancer is one of the top-paying freelance platforms that provide quality clients to freelancers.

Freelancers can make money on guru by working for a short period of time.

There are also long jobs on freelancer as well.

It only depends on the jobs you will be bidding for.

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