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How to Recover a Suspended Account? (2024 Updated Guide)

Did you violate some policy, and your account is suspended now?

Then don’t be troubled, and go through this article to explore how to recover a suspended account and the reasons for a account suspension.

So without any further delay, let’s get started.

Why is My Suspended?

why Freelancer account suspended is a popular platform that connects clients with freelancers.

It has strict terms and conditions to prevent phishing activities and avoid scams on

Those freelancers who violate any code of conduct policy get their accounts restricted. encourages their users to adhere to the terms and conditions; otherwise, they delete the account of that freelancer.

Violation of the following terms and conditions becomes a reason for the account suspension.

1. No tolerance for harassment, blackmailing, and abuse.
2. Spreading viruses, cheating with other users, and submitting false documents are forbidden.
3. No purchasing of accounts is allowed.
4. Fooling the review system or the referral game program can suspend your account.
5. Don’t share your email with the clients unless you win contests on

How to Recover a Suspended Account? (5 Steps to Do it)

To avoid scams on and to ensure a safe environment, the team carefully watches all the users and monitors their activities.

As soon as they sense any rule violation, spam, or fake profiles, they suspend the account, or sometimes, if the freelancer is involved in major violations, they even terminate the account permanently.

Since recovery is a long process, always try to minimize the risk by following the rules.

Despite sticking to the rules, if you observe any unusual activity on your account, reset your password to ensure your account’s safety.

Let’s discover how to recover a suspended account stepwise.

1. Look for the Suspension Reason

Look for the reason for account suspension, as it is important to proceed further with recovering your account. emails when they suspend your account and state why it is suspended.

Read that email carefully.

2. Evaluate the Violated Policy

Once you know the reason for your account suspension, it is another crucial step to go through all the policy guidelines on the official website and look for the policy which they claim is violated by you.

This self-evaluation will give you an idea of what mistakes you have done that you should avoid in the future.

3. Get in Touch With Customer Support

After self-evaluation, you get to know the policy you violated.

Now you have to contact customer support.

You can find the link on their website.

Write a concise email and explain yourself.

Tell them that you have mistakenly breached the policy if you did so and didn’t intend to harm anyone.

If you were not involved in any policy violation, humbly request them to review their decision regarding your account suspension.

4. Ensure You Won’t Repeat the Violation

In the email, express your gratitude and show respect towards the team and also tell them that you strongly believe that rules are made to be followed, not broken.

Request them to recover your suspended account.

Ensure them that you are ashamed of policy breaching and that you will not repeat the mistake in any situation.
Once you complete all four steps, your next task is to wait for their response.

The customer support team of is active, and they mostly clarify all the concerns their users approach them for.

But remember that their response sometimes gets delayed, and it can even take months, so be patient and keep checking your email.

5. Abide by Their Instructions

When you receive their answer, read their response carefully.

They usually respond after scrutinizing the reason for your account suspension and give you the instructions you have to follow to recover your account.

Do fulfill all their demands, give all the relevant information and submit the documents.

After following all the instructions, you have to wait for their further responses.

The recovery process of your account will take time.

It is not a smart move to waste this time. You can switch to other online platforms for getting freelance work.

Conclusion, to ensure security, observe a strict policy, and suspend the account upon even a little breaching act.

To prevent account suspension, avoid becoming a part of spam activities.

If your account still gets suspended, follow our guidelines stepwise.

Please adhere to the instructions of customer support and guarantee them that you refrain from the policy violation activity and hope to get your account back.

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