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How To Work as a Freelance Consultant

How To Work as a Freelance Consultant? (2024 Updated Guide)

Seeking a career that breaks free from the constraint of a 9-5 job that only generates a fixed salary?

Then you should embrace a freelance consultant career.

It is a flexible earning opportunity that doesn’t compromise your freedom and lets you be your boss.

Explore how to work as a freelance consultant and what to charge for freelance consultancy services in this article.

Who is a Freelance Consultant?

freelance consultant

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Giant companies always need consultants as they manage and advise them to complete their projects more effectively and efficiently.

Freelance consultants work the same but on a freelance contractual basis.

Enterprise hires them instead of long-term employees and pays them per hour or Project.

How To Work as a Freelance Consultant?

After learning the flexibility of being a freelance consultant, you should try it.

To make it easier for you to begin your career in it, we are bringing an easy yet detailed guide for you on how to work as a freelance consultant.

Let’s review it stepwise.

You will learn how to make money as a freelance consultant.

1. Select a Niche

Being a jack of all trades hardly brings you any success in freelancing.

Instead, you must pick a suitable one, gain expertise, and proceed forward.

You can either choose it depending on your interest, or you can also choose any profitable niche.

The key is to make yourself an expert in it.

2. Define Your Services

Once you choose a suitable niche, the next step would be clearly describing the services you can provide to your clients, including finance, marketing, digital marketing, and marketing.

3. Build Your Professional Network

Professional networking is very crucial.

It can bring potential clients.

You can increase your professional network by joining an organization relevant to your niche or connecting people through professional job-hunting platforms, including LinkedIn.

4. Establish Your Portfolio

To work as a freelance consultant, you must establish a portfolio showcasing your skills, capabilities, and efficiencies.

You can make your website or hire a freelancer to do this, display your work there, and use it as a professional portfolio.

5. Determine Your Rates

Before reaching the clients, determine your rates.

You can fix your rates based on our experience, expertise, the market value of your niche, and the technicalities of the tasks.

6. Build Your Online Presence

Social media can help you find potential clients.

You can display your best work on social media, where many companies actively look for freelancers.

Make your public profiles on Twitter and LinkedIn and establish your community.

7. Promote Yourself

You need more than establishing your portfolio to work as a freelance consultant.

You have to promote yourself along with your work.

Become a guest speaker in the organizations you have joined to increase your professional network; it will help you promote your skills.

8. Win Projects

Discuss your services, skills, and expertise with your professional network, display your portfolio on social media platforms like LinkedIn and other freelance consultant platforms, and win the projects.

9. Serve Worthy Work

When you win the Project, give it your 100% and try to convince your client that you can deliver the same quality work again if they hire you.

This way, you create your reputable image, and the client might refer you to other potential clients.

10. Handle Your Business Affair

Freelance consultants manage all their businesses by themselves.

It includes making invoices, communicating with clients, taxes, and pitching new projects.

How Much Does a Freelance Consultant Make?

A freelance consultant is a financially rewarding profession that allows you to enjoy your time and embrace the freedom in your life.

You can choose the workload you can manage at your desired time and pay rate.

Despite being this much flexible, it lets you earn a handsome salary.

In the United States, a freelance consultant makes considerable money.

They earn around $42 hourly.

The average money that a freelance consultant makes is around $37 to $47 per hour.

According to Upwork stats, the freelance consultants’ service charges per hour are as follows:

a. A marketing freelance consultant makes around $25- $100.
b. An accounting freelance consultant makes $30- $100.
c. An HR management freelance consultant makes $35- $175.
d. An IT security freelance consultant makes $40 -$140.


A freelance consultant career frees you from a fixed-salary slavery job.

You run your own business and consider your peace first.

You can work as a freelance consultant by choosing a niche, building a portfolio, a relevant community, and communicating well with the potential client.

Once you get the Project, give your best and become one of your client’s favorites to get more consultant projects.

It also lets you earn a valuable income by living in your comfort zone.

But remember, to become a successful and prolific freelance consultant, you need time, experience, and expertise.

Don’t expect steady results, and carry on your hustle.

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