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Is Freelance Writing a Good Side Hustle?

Is Freelance Writing a Good Side Hustle?

Are you planning to involve yourself in a productive side hustle? Then stop planning and embark on freelance writing.
During the past decade, freelance writing has emerged as a great side hustle and one of the best freelance jobs.

Many people have embraced it and earned a handsome amount from it. To learn more about the perks of freelance writing as a good side hustle, let’s get into the topic.

Is Freelance Writing a Good Side Hustle? (5 Reasons It Is)

Freelance Writing a Good Side Hustle

One can’t doubt the greatness of freelance writing as a side hustle.

It allows you to enter a diverse market where you get numerous chances to work and learn with different people around the globe.

As a freelance writer, you will be responsible for writing versatile content to engage your audience.

You will get the following benefits on your writing side hustle.

1. Autonomous Side Hustle

Freelance writing is a good side hustle as it lets you be your boss.

There is no compulsion to wake up at 7 am, wear a formal dress, and drive to your office.

Since it is a remote job, you can do it while sitting in your comfort zone at your favorite time of the day while eating your favorite food.

Freelance writers also have the opportunity to pick their niche to write about.

Working on your chosen niche will make you content about your freelance writing side hustle, and you will always be in a relaxed mental peace state, leading to increased productivity.

2. Kickstart Your Freelance Writing Career With Minimal To No Cost

Another factor that makes freelance writing a good career is its trouble-free low investment start. Unlike other careers, you don’t need much money to kickstart it.

A minimal expenditure is more than enough for it.

You may need a small amount of capital for a laptop, internet, and portfolio building. It is a worthy investment as you will get paid for it.

Once you develop your portfolio, you can showcase them on many free platforms for client hunting.

3. Self Development And Growth

Self Development And Growth

Choosing freelance writing as a side hustle will help you in personal development and growth.

Freelance writers will be exposed to versatile topics and industries in their careers, increasing their knowledge and understanding.

Self-development is not limited to wisdom and education but will make you a responsible and disciplined professional.

You will also master the art of time management once you become used to delivering the task on the given deadlines.

4. Progressive Career Option

Freelance writing is a good side hustle with high growth potential.

Unlike some other available options, it is not a static career path.

Once you jump into freelance writing, you will keep progressing and achieving new and exciting milestones.

You may start your freelance writing side hustle as an individual entity where you will hunt and work for different clients.

Afterward, you can jump into entrepreneurship as soon as you become an expert writer with a strong portfolio.

You can hire writers who will write exclusive content for your agency.

It may sound unreal, but remember that your growth is proportional to your talent, hard work, and passion.

5. Unlock Handsome Earnings

Freelance writing brings a heap of earning opportunities.

You can unleash many chances of making money by harnessing your writing skills.

Remember, the pay will be low when you start writing; once you become a professional writer, you can demand impressive pay.

Another factor that makes freelance writing a good side hustle is opening other relevant careers, including editing, content marketing, and content strategies.

These career paths will let you earn ample financial gain.

Which Freelance Writing Niche Should You Select To Start Your Side Hustle?

After learning the perks and benefits of freelance writing as a side hustle, you might wonder about the topics freelance writers write about.

There are two important factors that you should consider before choosing a niche. Let’s take a look at them

1. Your Interest and Preference

If you choose a niche of your interest, it will be easy for you to spend valuable time on it.

Remember, freelance writers must research a lot about the topic they are writing about to generate good informative content.

2. Market Value of The Niche

People usually engage themselves in side hustles to make a living.

It is only possible when you opt for a demanding niche, and clients are willing to pay a good amount.

You can find some profitable niches below from which you can pick one as per your choice;

1. Copywriting

It involves such written content which can promote business and increase sales.

2. Blogging

If you like different topics like lifestyle, animals, traveling, etc., then you can choose to blog.

3. Content writing

Content writing is a huge umbrella under which versatile niches come. A content writer produces articles and ebooks etc

4. Technical writing

Technical writing’s side hustle requires expertise in any niche. You can generate relevant guides and manuals with a degree in any course.

5. Social media marketing writing

You might have seen engaging texts written on brands’ social media posts. It is the duty of the social media writer.

6. Academic Writing

Development of research documents, academic manuals, essays, dissertations, etc. comes under academic writing

The Bottom Line

Freelance writing is a good side hustle for impressive reasons like earning potential, flexibility, versatility, and progressive growth.

However, keep in consideration that you won’t get instant results.

Be patient and consistent in your writing career, and remember slow and steady wins the race.

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