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Is Freelancer.com Trusted

Is Freelancer.com Trusted?

Freelancer.com is one of the most popular platforms for job hunting.

Many freelancers are making a living from this website, but it has mixed feedback.

Many people have given negative reviews of this website.

However, on the other hand, some freelancers love it.

After hearing the ratings, you might get confused and question, “Is freelancer.com trusted?”.

To address your query, we will discuss the legitimacy of freelancer.com in this article.

Let’s explore it.

What is Freelancer.com, And How Does it Work?

Freelancer.com is as popular as Fiverr and Upwork among freelancers and is used by nearly 65 million employers and freelancers.

Since its launch in 2009, more than 16 million jobs have been posted.

When an employer posts a project (job), relevant freelancers bid on it.

Then the client scans all the profiles, selects the suitable one, and assigns them the job.

The freelancer gets the payment upon the completion of the task.

Freelancer.com also has a unique feature of contests for freelancers where freelancers display their talents according to the client’s demand.

The most well-presented freelancer wins the contests and the project as well.

Is Freelancer.com Trusted?

Freelancer.com, as a global freelancing platform, attracts a significant amount of international traffic.

While the platform maintains strict policies and a code of conduct, some users still doubt its reliability based on their negative experiences.

However, it is important to note that with millions of users, there are also numerous satisfied clients and freelancers who consider Freelancer.com as a trusted marketplace.

Let’s review the freelancers.com feedback.

1. Dubious Negative Feedback of Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com has a short history of 11 years, during which it got a lot of negative feedback.

Its users have complained about many issues with their website, which has put a question mark on the worth of freelancer.com.

a. It Requires Confidential Data

Freelancer.com requires sensitive and confidential information for the verification process.

It even requires such details that the governments of many countries discourage their citizens from sharing with anyone.

They do it to ensure safety and avoid fake profiles.

But somehow, still, some scammers successfully escape this step which adds uncertainty to the trust in the website.

b. Ineffective User Screening

Freelancer.com has failed to secure the platform from scammers and deceivers despite demanding major confidential data.

Many users have questioned this poor scanning of the new profiles, but freelancer.com didn’t answer the people satisfactorily.

c. Too Many Scammers on the Platform

Because of ineffective user screening, freelancer.com is unable to stop scammers.

You will find many fake job posts and freelancer profiles which harm both parties and waste their precious time.

It compromises the user’s trust in freelancer.com.

d. Charges High Fees

Whether you want to verify your profile or bid on the projects, you have to deposit a fee that burdens the website users.

The awful pricing on freelancer.com gets too much negative criticism from its users.

Regardless of charging huge fees, people still face pending withdrawals on freelancer.com.

e. Substandard Customer Support

The freelancer.com has unresponsive and unhelpful customer support, which generates more doubts about the trust of freelancer.com.

Users have claimed that even after complaining to customer support many times, they still never hear back.

2. Positive Feedback From Freelancer.com

Despite facing criticism, freelancer.com has also garnered significant positive feedback, which contributes to its reputation as a trusted website.

This positive feedback comes from freelancers who have had successful experiences on the platform.

a. Allows Easy Contacts Between Clients and the Freelancers

Freelancer.com has an on-page chat feature through which you can text or video call the client or the freelancer.

It makes contact easier and more seamless.

b. Multiple Payment Options are Available

Freelancer.com doesn’t restrict the members to any one payment method.

Instead, you can go with any method you are comfortable with.

The different payment methods of freelancer.com include credit cards, bank deposits, PayPal, and Skrill.

c. Choose Talented Freelancers From Across The World

Freelancer.com operates in 247 countries, letting the client choose the best freelancer from around the world using a single platform.


After learning about freelancer.com’s negative and positive feedback of freelancer.com, it’s time to answer the question: is freelancer.com worth it?

The negative feedback from freelancer.com is too much to ignore.

Despite running the website for 11 years, they still have unresponsive customer support, many scammers, fake client profiles, and numerous cash withdrawal issues.

Regardless of the negative reviews, it does also have positive user experiences.

People still make money as freelancers from freelancer.com.

It’s global availability and the huge range of versatile and talented freelancers also cancel its negative ratings.

So the final verdict is yes, freelancer.com is a trusted and legit crowdsourcing website. Many people use it wisely for profit, and numerous new productive people sign up for it each day.

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