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Top 5 Outdoor Folding Chairs – Carry Your Comfort With You

A tent, sleeping bag, sunscreen, food items, water bottle, navigational map, and a lantern.

All set for the camping trip this weekend.

But wait! Where is the outdoor folding chair?

Don’t have one?

Don’t you think camping would be more fun when you have a better seat to rest in?

You must agree that outdoor folding chairs are a must-have not only for camping but all the activities planned outside.

Be it a poolside party, a sporting competition, college graduation, or religious services.

You can bring them along wherever you want.

Unfold the chair, have a seat, fold it back and bring it back home.

Many of them come with a side cup holder and even a back pillow to make them handy and comfortable for you. 

A wrong choice anyhow may make it more of a burden for you than comfort.

Folding chairs are useless if they don’t unfold or lock easily or are too narrow to house you.

What should you look for in an outdoor folding chair and how to take care of the one, if known to you, will help you make a better choice.

We have got all of it covered in this article, along with the reviews of the five best recommendations.

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5 Best Outdoor Folding Chairs-Reviews Unfolded

After thorough exploration, we have reviewed five folding outdoor chairs.

Go through all of the features mentioned below and choose the one you find fit for you. 

1. Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Make your camping memories with this sturdy Coleman camping chair.

It comes in black, red, blue and grey colors.

A fantastic bag comes along to put the folded chair in.

The strap on the bag allows you to carry it easily on your shoulder or back.

You can put the bag under your car seat quickly.

Fine polyester and strong steel legs make up the seat.

One arm set has a built-in mesh cup holder, while another has an insulated can holder to keep your beverages cold.

There is a mesh media holder at one side to hold your keys, wallet, etc. 

Whether you choose to go camping or relax by the lakeside, this camping chair will serve the purpose.

Moreover, it can be used as extra seating for guests.

When done using it, pack it in the back and put it in your closet. 

Outdoor folding chairs



Dimensions 8.1″x37.6″x9.1″
Material Alloy Steel and Polyester
Weight 4.4 Kg


  • It is lightweight and handy to carry because of the packing bag.
  • It can and cup holder is of great benefit to keep your drinks within reach.
  • It is wide enough to house a heavy person.


  • The pockets may make the chair a bit bulky.

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2. Amazon Basics Outdoor Padded Zero Gravity Chair with Pillow

This zero-gravity patio chair is so comfortable that you might not want to get up off it.

Knobs at both sides of the chair are attached to take the chair down or set it up.

Learn the chair down as much as you want with these knobs.

There is an adjustable back pillow and a mesh cup holder on one side.

The body of the chair is made up of durable steel and weather-resistant cotton fabric with good airflow.

It is easy to fold and sturdy and can bear up to 330 lbs of weight. 

If you are looking for a comfortable chair for people with backaches, go for this chair.

Well, a padded chair with an easy-to-lean back feature gives it the feel of a folding outdoor rocking chair. 

Outdoor folding chairs


Dimensions 5.1″x37.8″x29.5″
Material Steel and cotton
Weight 8 Kg


  • You can use it as an outdoor poolside chair as well as a lounge chair.
  • Its fabric with good airflow makes it super comfortable in hot weather.
  • It is the best value for money product.


  • Its locking mechanism may need extra effort at times. 
  • No packing bag may make it difficult to carry it by hand. 

3. Amazon Basics Folding Plastic Chair

These easy-to-fold, sturdy chairs come in a pack of 6.

The material used for the chair is molded plastic.

The durable frame is made up of powder-coated corrosion-free steel.

There is an extra grip handle at the back for easy carriage.

Foot tips are made nonmarking to protect your floor surface.

The folded chair takes the minimum storage capacity.

The seat is contoured to support your spine, while the arched back gives you the feel of leaning.

These chairs don’t twist like other plastic chairs.

If you are looking for an inexpensive and sturdy plastic chair, it is highly recommended.

Its lightweight and easy-to-fold mechanism are worth the money spent.

Outdoor folding chairs


Dimensions 22.3″x36″x19.6″
Material Steel and plastic
Weight 3.5 Kg




  • You can use these chairs as extra seating in the church, office, or roadside cafes.
  • Its broad back supports the postures you want.
  • It folds up very compactly.
  • The plastic material won’t rust soon, even if left out in the rain.


  • Plastic chairs do lack in looks as compared to others.

4. Coleman Broadband Mesh Quad Camping Chair

This portable chair comes with a mesh back to cool your back in summer.

A packing back and a cup holder add to its features.

Its seat is wide enough to give you room for folding up your legs.

It can withstand up to 250 pounds of weight.

The frame is composed of steel to add to its durability.

Mesh fabric is made up of breathable nylon.

Its carrying back allows easy carriage and storage.

The chairs don’t rust in case you want to use them mostly outdoors. 

This 2.5kg chair won’t strain your back while carrying.

Feel free to choose it if you go camping now and then.

best Outdoor folding chair


Dimensions 8″x35.6″x8″
Material Steel and Nylon
Weight 1.7 Kg


  • Mesh back will keep your back sweat-free in the summer.
  • It is comfortable and wide.
  • You can use this versatile chair for camping, picnicking, or sitting on the beach.


  • The carry bag might be a bit flimsy.

5. Coleman Camping Chair

This sturdy steel frame chair makes sure that you enjoy your seating the most.

Its cushioned polyester seats will give you hours of comfort.

The built-in cooler can hold up to 4 cans easily.

A side cup holder and a mesh pocket to carry your accessories are additional features.

You can adjust the arms height at your convenience.

The strongly structured chair can hold up to 325lbs of weight.

It folds up to the size of 3 feet so you can carry it easily.

Just pack the chair in its carry bag, load it on your back, and there you go.

Its users called it a Fat Man Friendly Chair.

Unlike most folding chairs designed for skinny people, this chair works perfectly well for prominent body people.

best Outdoor folding chair


Dimensions 7.6″x38.6″x7.8″
Material Steel and polyester
Weight 4 Kg


  • Its backrest has an angle that makes it very comfortable compared to other vertical designs.
  • You can take it with you camping because of its lightweight.
  • It is strong enough to hold you.


  • Don’t pull its adjustable arms too far, or you may break them.
  • The cup holder might seem minor for the big mug of coffee lovers.

As mentioned earlier in the article, we will guide you through your buying procedure too.

Keep reading to know essential buying guides.

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What to Look For When Buying Outdoor Folding Chairs

Keep the below-mentioned factors in mind before purchasing a new chair.


The folding chairs are meant to be moved and brought along for camping, picnicking, etc.

They are more prone to damage, and you might want to replace them earlier than the standard chairs.

So don’t go for expensive ones.

Of course, quality matters, but look for inexpensive and quality chairs.


Folding chairs come in various materials ranging from wood, plastic, nylon, polyester, metal, and steel.

The preferred types are plastic, mesh, nylon, polyester, or resin with steel frames for outdoor purposes.

  Their weather-resistant nature makes them a perfect fit for the outdoors.

Moreover, materials like polyester and cotton provide a good flow of air to refresh your back.

Durability and Weight

Folding chairs made from wood or metal are not suitable for outdoors because of their weight.

Also, cushioned and saucer folding chairs are available but are too heavy to bring along.

The ideal weight of the folding chair is from 4 to 8kg.

 Durability also comes into question in making the final choice.

Go for the weather-resistant material for long-term usage of folding chairs outdoors.

Recommended materials are polyester, plastic, or cotton. 


What’s wrong if you can use your folding chair for both indoor and outdoor purposes.

While choosing the chair, go for the one that is easy to carry and looks attractive.

So that you can use them as an extra seating alternate or even for the dining table when required.


This often ignored attribute may cause discomfort if not taken care of.

An outdoor chair with an average width of 18-19 inches is wide enough to house you in properly.

Now that you know what to look for while purchasing one, you must also take proper care of the folding chair. 

Done with buying the chair?

What characteristics did you keep in mind while choosing?

Was durability also one of them?

What if we tell you that durability is in your hands?

Yes! If things are not taken care of, their life span decreases significantly.

To know what can you do on your part, refer to the tips mentioned below:

How to Take Care of Outdoor Folding Chair

The durability and material of the folding chair sustain for longer if taken care of properly.

Here are some quick tips to ensure you don’t need to replace your chair now and again.

Keep away from Fire

Although a good choice for an outdoor BBQ party or a bonfire, you must keep the folding chair away from fire.

Its seat material may get damaged quickly because of the heat of the fire. 

Protect from Rain

Outdoor folding chairs are mostly made up of weather-resistant material.

Still, keeping them safe from rain will make them last longer.

On the other hand, exposing them to rain more often will badly affect their durability.

Wash and Clean regularly

Always clean your chair with a damped cloth every week.

The materials used are primarily spill-resistant, still clean right away to avoid stains.

Plastic chairs are prone to scars.

Take care while stacking, folding, or unfolding.

Also, wash the chairs every month or whenever required.

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Outdoor folding chairs are becoming more in demand because of their lesser footprint.

They don’t take much space and fulfill the seating needs efficiently.

You can carry them wherever you want.

They are easy to maintain and if chosen rightly, last for a more extended period. 

Our reviews, buying guides, and care rules must have made up your mind about which folding chair is suitable for you.

Each one has its pros and cons.

If you are a camping or hiking geek, go for Coleman chairs as their included packing bags and light weight make them easy to carry.

Likewise, shop the zero gravity chair if you like to relax in your backyard or garden more.

The plastic chairs would be the best choice to move these chairs more often like restaurants, churches, or kids’ play areas.

Don’t forget to clean them regularly and put them under shadow or indoors when not in use.

Also, write to us in the comments which one you chose and why.

Happy Camping!

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