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Pakistan is dominating other countries in freelancing. In this article, we will be discussing Pakistan's first freelance marketplace

Pakistan’s First Freelance Marketplace

If you belong to Pakistan, you might have been working on some foreign freelance marketplaces.

This may be something you do not want.

During recent times of the world when countries are looking to create their own platforms just to not depend heavily on others.

Pakistan has decided to do the same as well.

Pakistan is one of the dominating countries in the world as far as freelance marketplaces are concerned.

They are the 4th highest-paid freelancing country in the world.

In this article, we will be discussing Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace so if you are just getting started with freelancing be with me till the end.

Recently one of the Freelance gurus who has some good fan following decided to build the platform which was started a year ago.

The name is no other than “WorkChest”.

At start this market place did not perform well.

The major reason was no proper funding, and investment.

However, this is not the case this time around.

The founder and CEO of WorkChest have claimed to meet investors for funding.

He further said:

“Let’s Race to 100k subscribers now.

You signup as a freelancer and leave the project hassle to me.

I am meeting my investors tomorrow to get funding for digital Marketing and InshaAllah I promise you, there would be loads of projects posted on WC daily, InshaAllah.

Signup today it is your own freelance marketplace”.

What is WorkChest?

WorkChest is Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace founded by Hisham Sarwar.

The company started operating in 2020 but did not perform well at the start.

The marketplace works on the escrow payment system, and the client who want to hire the freelancer have to create a payment upfront before getting started with the project.

Pakistan's First Freelance Marketplace

How to Create an Account on WorkChest?

As WorkChest has gained fame recently, very few solutions to problems related to this topic are present on the internet.

So, I have decided to cover as many topics as I can to solve most of the queries.

So, let’s get started with creating an account, and then we will be learning how to offer services, bid on projects, payment details, and each and everything related to WorkChest.

Step 1

The first step is to signup on and creates a freelancer account.

For this purpose, you will need to go to the official website of WorkChest and click join now.

Pakistan's first freelance marketplace

Step 2

The next step is to fill out all the relevant details that are needed to be filled.

Pakistan's First Freelance Marketplace

Step 3

Now that you have completed your profile, the next step is to fill up your skills and your description. Moreover, if you have a website it is recommended to add that as well.

Pakistan's First Freelance Marketplace

Step 4

Now to appear better in search ranking you need to create a highly optimized title and include keywords that are highly related to your niche.

Pakistan's First Freelance Marketplace

How to do well on Pakistan’s First Freelance Marketplace?

It is a relatively new platform, and you have many chances to win projects.

You might not be experienced but all the other members are not experienced either as seen from their profiles.

So, there is a great chance of doing well from the beginning.

There are two ways by which you can actually do well.

  1. By offering services in sub-categories
  2. Effective bidding

By Offering Services in Sub-Categories

Suppose you are a graphic designer, what you need to do is break your skills into multiple categories.

In this way, you will best suit the client for their project.

Creating a service will increase your chances to be hired.

You can break your major category into subcategories like logo design, brochure design, business card design, and many other similar categories you are an expert at.

To be successful in Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace you have to think out of the box.

While you create a service, you should add all the details relevant to the service you are planning to offer.

All the tasks you have previously performed must be added as well.

Pakistan's First Freelance Marketplace

By doing effective Biding on Pakistan’s First Freelance Marketplace

The other best way to win a project on WorkChest is by effective bidding.

If you are writing messed-up proposals or copying cover letters all the time you will be nowhere, and in the end, it will be difficult to win any project.


WorkChest is Pakistan’s first freelance marketplace, and many people have a good chance of wining projects here.

As I mentioned above, all the profiles will be new here, and no one knows who will perform well here.

So, a person having good communication skills and a good portfolio will have more chances to win projects.

Also, it is necessary to support the platform.

Whether you are a freelancer or an employer who is looking to hire someone for projects, you must go to

This will help the company to grow well in the future.

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