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Pending Withdrawal On Freelancer Reasons

Freelancer is a traditional freelance marketplace that is different from others and has earned good handsome income for many freelancers.

However, some of them receive the status of pending when they claim withdrawal.

There are some reasons you see pending withdrawal on Freelancer, many of them are not to be worried about.

Freelancer is a great platform that continuously works on its security.

They provide security to both the freelancers and the clients.

Their customer support is always trying to tackle problems in the best possible way.

They keep a close eye on beginners who are new to Freelancer.com.

Also, the client who has posted his first project.

Let’s have a look on some of the possibilities that your withdrawal is pending.

  1. You are requesting your first withdrawal
  2.  You have an order dispute
Pending withdrawal on freelancer
Source: Freelancer, My Personal Pending Amount

First Pending Withdrawal on Freelancer

If you are new to freelancer and have just requested your first withdrawal you will be seeing that the withdrawal is pending.

Security is the one and only reason that makes this happen.

The withdrawal request is withheld for 15 days before it is released.

During this time period, the customer support of Freelancer.com completely makes sure that the freelancer to whom the payment is initiated is an authentic person.

But the question is what they actually check during these 15 days?

Let’s discuss one by one.

Checking bank details

The initial thing they check is the bank detail and the ownership of the bank.

The bank account to which you have requested payment must be operating properly.

There should be some transactions initiated, and completed recently.

Also, they check the bank account details of the client.

The bank account from which the payment was initiated must be authentic and operating as well.

Checking How the Freelancer has earned income

The second thing that they check is the project files and milestones created.

This is necessary that you have delivered the relevant work for which you are getting a pay.

The purpose of this security check is to make sure that there is no fake order.

Many freelancers who are struggling to get their first project purchase a review.

They do this to get more clients and organic projects in the future.

So, to prevent this the customer support check all the details related to the milestone.

Order Dispute

Suppose you have earned an income by doing the project, but the client did not like it.

He completely disagrees with your work, and he claims a refund.

On the other hand, you denied the refund and requested withdrawal.

You need to avoid working with these types of clients.

You need to judge these sorts of scammers by different methods.

Now that you have rejected the refund, the only chance the client has is to contact customer support.

When he does that, the support puts the order in dispute.

Moreover, the payment you requested will be showing pending.

It will remain pending until you win it, as soon as you win the dispute the payment will be transferred to your bank account.

On the other hand, if you lose the dispute the payment will be refunded to the buyer.


So, I think there is no need to worry if you have not violated any terms of service of Freelancer.com.

If you are a beginner then there is no need to worry, because the only reason is the security one.

In the other case if you have provided the actual work to the client there is no need to worry as you will be winning the dispute, and as soon as you win it the payment will be in your bank.

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