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Tips to Win Contests on Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the renowned freelance platforms, and there are many freelancers working on it and earning a handsome income.

As there is always something different with every freelance platform, so is the case for Freelancer.

Following some of the tips to win contests on Freelancer, you can earn a lot.

There are many contests posted daily on Freelancer, and the person who wins it gets the winning price.

However, that does not mean there are no projects posted on Freelancer.

Like many of the traditional freelance market places, freelancer also works mainly on the number of projects posted and awarded to freelancers.

Let us learn, what actually a contest is on freelancer…

What is a Contest on Freelancer?

Like any other contests, the best entry wins! So is the case for Freelancer.

This is the thing that makes Freelancer different from any other freelance marketplace.

“A buyer who wants his project to be done posts it as a content, and the entry he likes wins”.

The contestants who are interested to work on that project, submit an entry with the project files that the buyer requested to do.

Suppose, a buyer needs a design for his business card, he will post a contest, and submit all the requirements that will make up a perfect design.

He will post the winning price for that contest too.

Freelancers who are interested to work on his design, will go through his requirements, and make a design for them.

They will submit an entry with the design made according to the requirements of the buyer.

This is how the contest works…

Tips to win contests on Freelancer

What are the tips to Win Contests on Freelancer?

As a beginner, you should always look to target contests on freelancers.

The reason I say that, is because you are new, and it will be hard for buyers to select you because you have zero reviews on your profile.

A contest is a great way of showing buyers your work and entering the market.

Maybe some of them would like your work a lot, and look to hire you for future projects.

You have to invest your time in the beginning…

Still, there are some methods you should know when you are trying to submit an entry.

As a newbie, every contest might attract you, but you should not submit an entry to every contest.

Here are some reasons…

  1. There are some scammers
  2. You might have low chances of winning on some of them
  3. You should only go for sealed contests
  4. Always prefer buyers that have some reviews

How to Avoid Scammers to win Contests on Freelancer?

There are different ways by which you can avoid a scammer.

There are many different ways you can be scammed.

Taking the above example, suppose the contest was not guaranteed, and you submitted the entry.

What if he was a scammer, and just posted the contest to get an idea of design.

As a new person to Freelancer, you should understand the meaning of a guaranteed contest.

If the contest is guaranteed you should know that you will always be paid.

That is what is guaranteed by the Freelancer itself.

So, you should always be looking to submit an entry on the project that is proved guaranteed by

How to Avoid Scammers to win Contests on Freelancer?

Tips to Find Low Competition Contests on Freelancer

There are some factors that determine whether the contest is on high competition or not.

The first thing you need to understand is, that the earlier you submit the entry the more chances of winning you get…

Some other factors, like how many entries have already been made, what are skill set required for that contest, and what rates the buyer is offering decide the competition of the contest.

Here is an example of a contest with extremely low competition…

Tip to choose guaranteed contest to win on Freelancer

Benefits of Choosing Sealed Contests?

First, you need to understand, what is actually a sealed contest…

“A contest that is completely sealed, and does not allow any other freelancer to view the work is a sealed contest”

Again, let me explain you with the example I mentioned above…

Suppose, you submitted a design and the contest was not sealed.

The next day, any other designer came, he viewed your design and submitted the same design with slight changes.

Eventually, he won the contest.

How would you feel? Obviously disheartened!

So, you should always look to find a contest that is sealed.

Prefer Buyers with some Reviews

Like a buyer always prefer freelancers with some reviews, so should be the criteria for you to submit an entry.

There are many reasons, you should select a buyer with some reviews.

Many of the buyers who do not have reviews, or maybe some bad reviews are mostly not the go-to person to work with.

So, you should always look to search for contests posted by buyers with some reviews on their profiles.

Ending Note

Like creating a top-ranked gig decides your success on Fiverr, so is the case for winning a contest on Freelancer.

There are many benefits other than just earning.

Most of the time a contest is posted just to search for a top-notch freelancer, and there is a great job waiting.

So, a freelancer who is new to the platform should always look to implement these tips if they want to win contests on Freelancer.

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