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Truelancer Review 2022 For Freelancers

In this truelancer review we will discuss some of the pros and cons of truelancer and explain how truelancer works for freelancers.

Truelancer is an online marketplace that connects customers with freelancers worldwide.

Their website is simple to use and secure, and you have the option of submitting one-off assignments or developing a long-term working relationship with a freelancer.

If you’re looking for someone to rapidly do certain jobs, you’ll discover them on Truelancer.

From information technology and programming to sales, mobile application development, and search engine optimization, they have a large database of freelancers (500,000 at press time) willing to take on your project.

What is Truelancer? 

Their headquarters are in India, while the platform’s freelancers are distributed remotely across the world.

Dipesh Garg, the company’s CEO, has been in operation since September 2014.

You may either offer your own services or purchase them from a freelancer who is best qualified to execute your duties.

When it comes to hiring a freelancer or assistant, there are three distinct possibilities.

To begin, you may browse predefined jobs created by freelancers under the “Buy Services” tab:

Following that, they provide a crowdsourcing alternative based on contests for logo design, site design, and mobile app design, among other services.

This service is comparable to design crowdsourcing sites such as DesignCrowd or 99designs.

Finally, you may explore freelancer profiles based on their skill sets or submit a job and filter the candidates.

If you’re interested in working with a freelancer or have a job that requires a high degree of knowledge, don’t be hesitant to initiate contact with potential freelancers.

Truelancer strongly encourages companies to contact freelancers prior to making a commitment.

You may request examples of their work and even assign them a brief test assignment to determine their comprehension of your instructions.

Nonetheless, I found the site to be unclear and difficult to navigate.

It’s replete with non-native English speakers’ vocabulary, such as “People’s faith in your physical presence.”


truelancer review

How To Work On Truelancer? 

Truelancer charges employees directly, not employers.

Though each project is subject to an 8-10% service fee, which might potentially be passed on to you, the employer, in the shape of higher bids.

On the freelancer side, they offer five different membership levels that include the following benefits:

Free – $0/month 

This plan includes a 10% project/service charge, a $75 bidding limit, and a limited number of talents, portfolio slots, and service listings.

Intro – $1/month 

This plan allows you to publish more skills, portfolio spaces, and service listings than the Free plan allows.

Basic – $5/month 

This plan boosts your ability to upload skills, portfolio slots, and service listings over the Intro plan.

Pro – $10/month 

This plan reduces project/service costs to 8% and includes certain enhanced privileges.

Plus – $48/month

This is their most expensive plan, which includes unlimited listings, talents, portfolio spaces, and proposal submissions.

Additionally, there are various transaction fees:

Project Fees 

Depending on your membership status, a 3-10% project charge is applied to each transaction.

Employer Payment Processing Fee 

Processing fees are assessed based on the method of payment.

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Few Things About Truelancer

A few noteworthy things

  1. It is teeming with forged profiles. Freelancers were registered on this website using their email addresses without ever signing up or granting truelancer permission to do so.
  1. They make bids for employment themselves; I believe real jobs are few and far between, and when they are, they know they are genuine. At that point, they attempt to secure the position for themselves. Due to the fact that the customer pays prior to approving the proposal. As a result, the customer must now accept anything they provide. If the customer does not, there is no possibility of a refund.
  1. The majority of rankings and ratings on websites are fabricated. Alastair has offered an excellent demonstration of this in his response. As a result, you must study it thoroughly to have a thorough understanding of this bogus website.


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