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5 Best Web Development Books for Freelancers

5 Best Web Development Books for Freelancers

Are you a freelance web designer and looking for some good web development books?

After looking at tons and thousands of videos and articles, do you still think of collecting some more authentic knowledge about website designing?

You are on the right track.

Businesses are rapidly shifting towards digital marketing.

Moreover, consumers are now more dependent on their smart devices.

That means the demand for website developers is rising with each passing day.

Having that said, you being a web developer, can grow tremendously in this field.

But only if you know all the proper techniques of web development precisely.

What can teach you better than these web development books written by those who know about it inside out?

Are you thinking about which one to choose from plenties of available stock?

With the list of best web development books, every web developer is suggested to read once.

5 Web Development Books to Know the Unknown

After thorough research, we have reviewed the books below for beginners to know all they need and for advanced ones to brush up their skills.

1. Web Design with HTML, CSS, Javascript, and Jquery Set

Being a web developer, you might know that HTML is the language to create the website’s actual written content.

On the other hand, CSS adds style to your websites like colors, background, and visual arts.

Javascript adds interactive features to your websites, like a search box or refresh option.

While jquery, the fast enriched javascript library, enhances the responsiveness of a website.

It means that the four of them work together to bring out an excellent website.

What if you get to know a book with all the topics mentioned above in detail?

And what if we tell you that this book does the same?

This handy two-book set comes from Jon Duckett, a designer and web developer for more than a decade.

The first part gives you a deep insight into the basics of HTML and CSS before stepping into the second part of Javascript and Jquery.

The content is easy to absorb because of appropriate real-life examples and colorful illustrations.

Best Web Development Books

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Who Should Buy?

If you are a beginner and know nothing about web development, you will start developing a site on your own after reading this book.

If you are a pro, you can look back at this book for reference whenever you get stuck.

Author Jon Duckett
Publication Date 8 July 2014
Format Paperback, Hardcover

2. HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites

One of the top freelance skills and a must-have for beginners, this book deciphers the HTML and CSS world in the easiest possible way.

Even if you don’t learn new concepts quickly, this book is written in such an organized and straightforward manner that you will instantly understand the new things.

This attractive book with elaborated content feels more like a magazine in overall look.

The first page of the book tells you how to set up the HTML page, and the second page shows how to show it in the browser.

Read the first two pages and start feeling like a developer already.

Furthermore, each tag of HTML is explained on a separate page with a photo of its appearance on the web page.

Best Web Development Books

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Who Should Buy?

Buy it if you are a beginner, a student, a professional, a blogger, a hobbyist, or an eCommerce manager.

Yes! A must-have web development book for beginners, also there to solve the problems of non-programmers.

Author Jon Duckett
Publication Date 8 November 2014
Format Paperback, Hardcover

3. Web Coding and Development All-in-One for Dummies

If you are a coding geek at heart and plan to code yourself rather than using a CMS, this book is for you.

In the first portion of the eight books inside one, you get to know all under-the-hood titbits of web coding basics.

Move further, and you come across HTML and CSS basics along with fundamental knowledge of Javascript and jQuery.

The journey doesn’t end here.

You discover PHP and MySQL in the following sections.

To-be web developers must understand that PHP is a language for developing web/internet applications like Facebook, Gmail, etc.

MySQL then handles all the data of these applications by creating databases.

So, in short, the book covers everything you need to design a completely responsive website.

Best Web Development Books

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Who Should Buy?

This book is highly recommended to the newbies of web development, possessing a love for coding.

Author Paul McFedries
Publication Date 15 May 2018
Format Paperback, Kindle

4. Node.js Web Development

There is a front end seen by the user for every website and a back-end hidden from them.

The backend has all the activities that are performed when a user interacts on the front end.

Users may use many programming languages for back-end programming like Javascript, Python, PHP, Ruby, etc.

If you have chosen Javascript as a programming language, Node.js is its interpreter, like Python has its own.

This book encompasses a detailed description of back-end programming using Javascript and Node.js like development, deployment, and protection.

Best Web Development Books

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Who Should Buy?

If you already know about Javascript and web development, you can dive deep into the world of back-end development.

Those looking for a worth-reading back-end web development book in 2021 may go for it.

Note that the book is not for beginners.

Author David Herron
Publication Date 31 July 2020
Format Paperback, Kindle

5. Flask Web Development

A software that gives the basic structure to develop and deploy a website is called a framework.

Symfony, Django, and Express are some of the known frameworks.

This book teaches you another framework, the flask framework.

The author claims it to be different from other frameworks because it gives you complete freedom of doing things your way.

Other frameworks may cause trouble if you don’t follow their pattern.

The book claims that Flask won’t.

Moreover, it is based on the Python language.

Best Web Development Books

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Who Should Buy?

If you are planning to buy one, you should have basic knowledge of python coding.

Whichever framework you follow, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are the necessary ingredients.

So you should have their knowledge too to make the most out of this book.

Author Miguel Grinberg
Publication Date 10 April 2018
Format Paperback, Kindle

Buying Guides

Before you make a final choice, we recommend you go through our buying guides to make an unambiguous decision.

  • Cheap or Expensive: Don’t go for a book only because it is cheap. If it doesn’t contain all that you require, the saving is of no use.
    Relevant: Go through the review of each book to know if it is pertinent to your choice of field.
    Content is well presented and precise: A colorful coding book with pictures, easy-to-understand text, and real-life examples is more appealing to read than a boring black-and-white book with shallow knowledge.

The Wrap Up

Books have always been an authentic source of knowledge.

It is especially true for technical books.


Because they are written by experts in the field who have collected knowledge from years of trials and experiences.

We have reviewed these web development books for you so that you don’t waste time searching for the right source.

Just choose the one that best suits you and start growing.

At Freelance Counsellor, we bring different blogs to guide our audience to learn different skills that can help them earn.

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