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What Do Freelance Writers Charge Per Word

What Do Freelance Writers Charge Per Word? A Comprehensive Overview

Are you entering and thriving in the writing industry and wondering what freelance writers charge per word?

Freelance writing rates vary based on numerous factors.

It changes with experience levels, niches, and the nature of the projects.

There are various pricing strategies used to determine rates in the writing industry.

In this article, we will explore how much freelance writers make and the rates they charge per word.

So let’s get started.

What Do Freelance Writers Charge Per Word?

Freelance Writers Charge Per Word

Freelance writers charge per word as it offers a transparent pricing method that reflects the value of their efforts.

Additionally, each freelance writer sets their own rates, which can vary significantly.

These rates are influenced by experience, expertise, and industry value.

Let’s take a look at how rates differ based on experience levels.

1. Beginner Writers

Aspiring freelance writers charge a minimal amount per word, typically capping their rates at a maximum $0.2 per word and starting from $0.02.

Though this pay rate seems unjustifiable, it benefits newbie writers in the following aspects.

a. It allows them to learn the basics of SEO optimization.

b. Several clients train beginner writers and can teach them all the parameters of content writing.

c. Apart from writing expertise, newbies also learn the art of communication skills by interacting with clients, which can improve their negotiation and pitching abilities.

2. Intermediate Writers

Once aspiring writers move beyond the beginning stage and get a solid grip on SEO strategies, keyword placements, and other basics of writing, they increase their charges.

An intermediate-level freelance writer charges $0.3 – $0.5 per word.

However, for an intermediate writer, it is challenging to convince the clients of these higher rates.

Therefore, it is necessary to focus on your negotiation skills and enhance your communication abilities which can

assist you in convincing.

3. Established Writers

Since prolific writers have spent their life in writing and composing projects and have a greater understanding of writing strategies, they demand a hefty amount.

Their pay rates vary from $0.5-$0.1 per word.

Other Payment Models

Though many freelance writers charge per word, some prefer other payment models including, charging per project, per hour, and sometimes per page.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

1. Charge Per Project

Several clients find hiring freelance writers for each project easy and provide them with flat rates.

All arrangements include various types of written content like emails, social media captions, white papers, and research and blog articles can be included in it.

The charges for each service vary depending on the experience of the writer.

For example, In the case of research articles, a beginner freelance writer can get paid up to $75 per article, whereas an advanced-level writer can charge $250.

2. Charge Per Hour

Charging per hour is another popular payment method among writers.

You don’t need to ponder on the hour count.

Instead, writers usually complete the task and make the invoice depending on the number of hours.

A beginner freelance writer can make up to $30 per hour, whereas an advanced-level writer can make up to $100.

3. Charge Per Page

Freelance writers can also charge per page, especially when writing novels, ebooks, and essays.

In case of writing technical web content, a freelance writer can make up to $500- $750 per page.

Influential Factors To Consider In Determining Freelance Writing Rates

Freelance writing is a demanding skill that attracts numerous newcomers who aspire to prosper in the field.

Along with them, prolific and seasoned writers have invested considerable time in composing projects.

Consequently, the amount freelance writers make varies. There are some factors that influence their income; these are.

1. Experience

Experience is the key to determining how much a freelance writer would make.

An advanced writer can deliver mistake-free, high-quality work in minimum time; hence they charge more.

2. Market Demand Of The Niche

Freelance writers with expertise in high-in-demand niches charge a hefty amount from their clients.

Some high-paying writing categories include copywriting, academic writing, social media writing, and article writing on technology and cryptocurrency.

3. Client’s Budget

Despite having standard rates, freelance writers negotiate as per the client’s budget.

While adjusting the rates, writers should not go below the minimum point and ensure to get enough compensation for their efforts.

4. Urgency Of The Task

Sometimes your client may need urgent content in a short time; in such circumstances, the freelance writer may charge a considerable amount per word to deliver the content in the given short time.


Freelance writing charges differ from writer to writer, majorly influenced by experience.

In this article, we see how much money a beginner and an advanced freelance writer charge per word.

Clients also go with other payment methods like pay per project, page, and hour.

Furthermore, While determining rates, don’t undervalue your work and maintain a balance that reflects your expertise and effort.

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