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What is fiverr Pro

What is Fiverr Pro? A Complete Tutorial For Becoming A Fiverr Pro

Fiverr is the biggest marketplace for digital services in the world.

Our platform connects Buyers and Sellers by allowing freelancers and digital agencies to list their services, or “Gigs,” so organizations can rapidly pick and employ talent.

As a confirmed Pro Seller, you join an exclusive community of experts who have been hand-vetted — in other words, you are the best of the best! Now, you’ll get access to the over 11 million companies that use Fiverr to employ freelancers — and your Fiverr Pro status will help you stand out in the marketplace.

What Is Fiverr Pro?

In October 2017, Fiverr announced a new service called Fiverr Pro, which highlights the platform’s top 1% of merchants.

Our company was the first to be listed in the Pro area for SEO, and in this part, we’ll discuss some of our ideas for growing your brand on Fiverr, as well as best practices for being approved into Fiverr Pro.

Buyers may either browse straight to the Pro part of the website or discover Pro gigs while doing a standard gig search.

How To Become Fiverr Pro?

Candidates interested in joining Fiverr Pro must first submit an application, which is then vetted by the in-house staff.

The screening process is divided into three stages:

  • Technical screening (are you sure you understand what you’re doing?)
  • 1st round of professional vetting
  • Round two of professional vetting

Two distinct category managers at Fiverr will screen you and your company throughout the professional vetting step to verify you meet their standards for professionalism, quality, and experience.

In terms of specific criteria, it actually depends on the Fiverr PRO category to which you’re applying.

Whether you work as a graphic designer, a web developer, a copywriter, or in our field, SEO, the requirements required to be recognized as a PRO differ, which is why each application is reviewed separately.

You may be requested to provide the following in your application:

  • A collection of work
  • References/list of prior clients with whom you’ve worked Social media profiles/accounts
  • Education refers to the institution(s) attended, the degree gained, and the accreditation received.
  • Numerous years of experience
  • If Fiverr requires further information, they may contact you personally.

In our instance, we had already established ourselves as established SEO professionals on the standard Fiverr site.

We included our many favorable customer evaluations in our application for Fiverr PRO in the SEO area, as well as our prior experience working in data and marketing organizations.

what is fiverr pro

Pro Tip

Even if you’ve never sold on Fiverr before, you may qualify for a PRO account if you satisfy certain standards in a certain sector.

Take your time filling out the application to ensure that you’re presenting the REAL you – make use of the free text boxes and “don’t be afraid to promote yourself.”

Additionally, make a point of focusing on your portfolio – it’s critical difference to share work you’ve done for customers both within and outside of Fiverr, as it highlights your most prominent solutions and services.

This might imply a distinction between Fiverr and Fiverr PRO.

How To Optimize Your Fiverr Profile & Portfolio?

It’s all about paying attention to the tiniest things when it comes to optimizing your Fiverr Pro profile.

A single ambiguous statement or a low-quality concert picture may be all that separates a customer from another vendor.

To assist you in getting started, here is a comprehensive list of ideas for making the most of your Fiverr profile.

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Title of Your Gig

Keep your job names succinct, succinct, and direct!

  • “I will handle your Adwords campaigns, for instance.”

However, if you want anything more, you might use an emphatic descriptive adjective.

If you browse the many categories on Fiverr, you’ll come across titles such as:

  • “I want to develop captivating material.”
  • “I’ll write fantastic blog pieces for you” “I’ll create vibrant, powerful artwork that pops”

We even discovered a promise:

“I will skyrocket your sales.”

Beautiful, professional, excellent, distinctive, and entertaining are just a few examples.

Additionally, ensure that your keywords are included.

We utilize Fiverr’s “autocomplete” search tool to see what keyword recommendations come up for our niche.

When I enter “keyword,” for example, the search box gives many possible ideas that genuine Fiverr consumers are looking for.

Gig Image

We recommend including a photo of yourself in your profile and Gig picture.

We discovered that it significantly aids conversion, maybe through establishing trust by demonstrating that you are a genuine person.

Our gig images are included in the image on our profile page above.

At a minimum, gig photos should be 690 x 426px (subject to change, of course).

Additionally, avoid using pixelated photos.

Low-quality photos may give the impression that you deliver a low-quality gig… which is the last thing you want.

Bear in mind that an image is the first thing a prospective consumer will see of you and your business.

Create a favourable first impression.

Pro Tip: While text is permitted on your photographs, it should be kept to a minimum, be clear, and readable.

Keep text to the left/top of the gig picture, since the Pro badge covers the bottom right corner of the marketplace photographs.

This will provide a more balanced appearance for the entire layout:

An illustration of a fiverr pro gig.

Gig Video

A gig video substantially increases conversions.

Bear the following principles in mind while using Fiverr:

  • Videos should be no longer than 30 seconds and no more than 75 seconds.
  • They should be under 50 MB in size and in the.avi or.mp4 format.
  • Include a brief description of your Gig service.
  • Use your own voice to narrate your Gig, not a computer’s.
  • Avoid using the same video for all of your gigs; instead, tailor it to the exact service you’re giving.

Pro Tip

Include a call to action at the end of your video, such as “Please contact me…” I would be delighted to collaborate with you or design a unique solution tailored to your exact requirements.”

Gig Description

Fiverr limits gig descriptions to 1,200 words, which is about the length of this blog article up until this point.

Make the most of the description by:

  • Self-promotion (how many years of experience you have in the industry, your team of people, etc.).
    Mention the firms for which you’ve worked, mention notable customers, and describe the programs you use/any qualifications you have.
  • Demonstrate why your services are worthy of a buyer’s investment!
  • Justify a buyer’s need for this Gig—what is it? What extra value is there?
  • Clearly describe to the consumer what they will get when they purchase your Gig. Describe the workflow procedure (be transparent).
  • Consider using the phrase “Contact us before making this order”—this often results in the creation of a bespoke deal, so take advantage of it!

Costs & Packages

Charge the same amount as you would offline, keeping in mind that Fiverr will retain 20% as a fee.

One of the things we enjoy about Fiverr is the platform’s simplicity.

There is no bidding for work, as there is on other freelancing platforms, and customers may accept or reject the job.

While customers on Fiverr Pro are still value-driven, they seem to be less price-sensitive than on “normal” Fiverr.

The Pro level implies a certain amount of exclusivity, thus paying appropriately.

Utilize the three-tier approach mentioned above to experiment with various price arrangements.

Determine the most effective strategies to upsell your bundles and add-ons.

Add Requirements for Gigs

How much information do you need from the customer to accomplish your project?

This might include information about your gig’s sector, location, competition, or access to accounts and websites.

When you inquire, make your questions concise and straightforward.

Include FAQs

A collection of commonly asked questions and their answers might help you save time and increase sales of your services.

For instance, you may add the following questions:

  1. What are the benefits of purchasing this Gig?
  2. How is the workflow process defined?
  3. Am I willing to accept revisions? If yes, what is a revision?
  4. What does it mean to be a Fiverr Pro seller?
  5. What further services do I provide? (Excellent strategy to increase sales)

Make a note of all the questions prior customers have asked, as well as any reservations a prospective customer may have.


Fiverr Pro is one of the best techniques to do well on Fiverr if you are an expert in your industry.

You need to follow all the procedures to register for the fiverr pro program and once you do, there will be a good amount of success waiting for you.

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